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DIY Audio Full-Range High Efficiency Speakers and Amplifiers

Audio Nirvana 300B SET, Big Joe HD (with built-in DAC), and Living Amp

You already know that super high efficiency, single driver, full-range speakers--with no crossover--give the best possible sound.

Now buy the best amplifier to go with them:

Audio Nirvana 300B SET, 8 watts per channel single ended triode vacuum tube amplifier, for $1550 with free USA shipping  THE BEST SOUND POSSIBLE

Big Joe HD, 40 watts per channel with built-in DAC, for $299 with free USA shipping THE BEST SOUNDING CLASS D AMPLIFIER

Living Amp, 20 watts per channel, for $149 with free USA shipping, CLASS D, SIMPLE, ELEGANT, GREAT SOUND


We sell only the highest quality 'neutral sounding' amplifiers.  We don't sell 'boutique' amplifiers, with a particular sound.  Most amplifier companies sell these, so they can sell you a different amplifier every few months.   We only want to sell you one amplifier, which you can keep for life.

We have not heard better sounding amplifiers, anywhere, at any price.

Our tube amplifiers are the only ones ever designed with, and optimized for, full-range and other high efficiency speakers.

Audio Nirvana speakers require only 1/10 of a watt for normal listening.  So even our 300B SET has 80 times the average power needed.

Audio Nirvana 300B SET Single Ended Triode Stereo Amplifier

 8 watts per channel, 52 lbs (25 kg)--$1550 with free USA shipping

Finally, someone has made a Single Ended Triode amplifier with deep, powerful, extended bass and highs that extend to the limits of human hearing.  Together with the traditional smooth and detailed SET midrange, this is the best sounding amplifier we have heard to date.  The Audio Nirvana 300B SET uses an enormously powerful toroidal power supply protected in a real potted case (not a dummy one, as many companies use).  Transformers are massive and are handwound in our own factory.  The amplifier weighs over 52 lbs (24 kilos).  Parts are chosen for the best possible sound quality--not because we want to impress you with 'boutique' names.  Each amplifier is beautifully hand assembled and tested.  To maintain the superb sound, there are no adjustments to be made--ever.   Self biasing, no AC or DC balance to adjust.   And made with the fewest parts possible and best sounding tubes. 

300B Single Ended Triode circuit with two Psvane 300B, one 6SN7, one 6SL7, and one 5AR4 vacuum tubes.
'Single Ended Triode' operation represents the simplest and purist circuit possible.
Conservatively rated at 8 watts per channel (average listening level for our Audio Nirvana full-range speakers is 1/10 of a watt).
Each amplifier is individually handwired with point to point wiring.
No integrated circuit chips.
Real potted transformers wound in our own factory.
Oversized toroidal power transformer runs cool and efficiently with plenty of reserve.
Cooling holes around each tube to maintain cool running temperatures.
Excellent build quality will ensure years of reliable service.
Polished stainless steel chassis.
Brushed aluminum face and back plates.
'AN' logo is also the knob pointer.
4 or 8 ohm speaker terminals.
Voltage selector for 115 or 230 volts.
$1550 with free USA shipping  

Big Joe HD Class D, 40 watts per channel with built-in DAC--$299 with free USA shipping

More and more customers are using their computers and portable devices to listen to high quality music.  They asked us for a high quality amplifier with built-in DAC.  We have been recommending the Firestone Audio Big Joe II, for several years.  It was highly recommended by one of our distributors in Japan.   The good news is that Firestone Audio now makes an improved Big Joe II, running Class D, and it includes a high quality DAC.  With resolution up to 24 bit 192 k/hz you cannot find better sound.   It is able to support USB, Optical, and Coaxial inputs.  An adaptor is supplied for RCA inputs as well.  Two sets of speaker wires are included--six foot (2 meter) speaker cables ending in banana plugs.  And a pair of adaptors so you can use any speaker cables you like.   About the size of an I-Phone, it's rated at 40 watts RMS.   Considering that average listening level of Audio Nirvana speakers is only 1/10 of a watt, this is many times what's required.  The Big Joe HD has a passive line stage, internally, so no preamp is required.   Just plug in your source, hook up the included wires, and you're ready to go.

Click Here to see Specification Sheet

Some customers want quality sound, but don't want to spend a lot of money.  Or, they're looking for a quality amplifier for a second system.  About the size of an I-Phone, the Living Amp is rated at 20 watts RMS.  Considering that average listening level of Audio Nirvana speakers is only 1/10 of a watt, this is many times what's required.

The Living Amp has a passive line stage, internally, so no preamp is required.   Just plug in your source, hook up your speaker wires, and you're ready to go.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Holy shit... so this is how music is supposed to sound!!!  I couldn't be more pleased!  The imaging is superb ... I can't believe the detail.  I'm already blown-away!!  This amp and speakers are inspirational!!!  Thank you so much for offering this fine equipment!"--Chris Munkacsi

"You guys have hit the ball out of the park!  The sound is wonderful; a dynamic, well balanced sound, that is very musical and engaging.  It's doing everything well and there is nothing more that I desire.   I'm getting everything out of audio that I ever wanted.  I am experiencing the amp's excellent bass response.  I plan to continue using the amp with the stock tubes as I am finding the sound fully satisfying. Thanks to you, and your associates, for making such an outstanding product available."--David Tanimoto (from Hawaii)

"Out of the box, the amp is so good I can't stop smiling!"--Benjamin de Castro

"My Dad's comments, on the phone, was on how good the sound was with the new 6V6 Ultralinear amp. He says it is nothing short of breathtaking and he just cannot believe how good it is. He said he is listening to his jazz CDs and it totally blew him away. He reckons the sheer separation and oomph, it has, is startling and it?s all a little bit unreal in how good it all sounds. He loves this little amp with the big lovely sound."--Grant Thornbury (from New Zealand)

"The 6V6 Ultralinear amplifier is superb, far better than I imagined! To say that the amplifier is amazing is an understatement! I cannot believe the detail that I am hearing in such a crisp manner. I am so appreciative of the quality that you produce for such an affordable price!"--Dan Robinson

"The 6V6 Ultralinear sound is really different from conventional amplifiers. There are a lot of details and it is not necessary to use treble and bass. I can hear the whole frequency range with natural balance of all parts! Pink Floyd sounds better than it was with top semiconductor systems before! Thank you for this perfect amplifier!"--Timur Sarykulov (from Kazakhstan)

"WOW! Extremely nice work. No 'kit look' here. I have seen a lot of range when it comes to quality, and this is up there with the stuff I can't afford! I would like to thank you for selling one fine piece of gear (Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear Amplifier). The craftsmanship is as good as anything I have ever owned, and I have owned a LOT of equipment in my time. Thanks again for your great product."--Greg Peyton

"I just wanted to say how happy I am with the system!!!  The amp is fantastic, exactly what I was looking and hoping for, very are the speakers."--Chris Munkacsi

"I have been very impressed with the wiring in Audio Nirvana amplifiers. It’s one thing to price them well, but considering the quality of work done inside, which is very important, they are in a league of their own in terms of build at the price point."--Erik Mandaville