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You already know that high efficiency, single driver, full-range speakers--with no crossover--give the best sound possible.

Now buy an amplifier specifically designed to optimize the sound of high efficiency speakers.

A 'good' Class D solid state amplifier for $199 or a 'great' Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear vacuum tube amplifier for $995.

You can't find better sound for high efficiency speakers with any amplifier, at any price.


The speakers, in an audio system, represent about 90% of the quality of sound you will get.   The amplifier is the least important part.  Why?  Because it has the easiest job to do.....take an already constructed signal (by the far more important source player) and make it a little bit louder.   How hard is that?  But a poorly designed, or poorly built amplifier can definitely destroy the sound of your system.

We have been constantly asked, over the years, 'what amplifier should I get to go with your speakers?'  It was always difficult for us to recommend an amplifier.  Why?  Because there are basically three types of amplifiers:  good ones, bad or poorly designed ones, and 'boutique' ones that change the sound.   But 'boutique' amplifiers are mainly what's for sale today.  Why? Because a dealer can sell you one with a particular sound, and then sell you a different sounding one a few months later.   It's all about making money.

We take a different approach.  We sell only 'good' amplifiers.  Our $199 Big Joe II is probably 95% as good as it is possible for an amplifier to be, for very low cost.   Our in-house designed $995 Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear vacuum tube amplifier gives you 100% of what's possible.  We have not heard a better sounding amplifier, anywhere, made at any time, for any amount of money......that has better sound with high efficiency speakers.

Like anything else in life, getting the last 5 or 10% of quality is where all the money goes.  If you can afford $1000 for an amplifier then, by all means, get our 6V6 Ultralinear vacuum tube amplifier.   If you're on a budget, you'll still get great sound with the Big Joe II.  

Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear--$995 (in black), $1095 (in polished stainless steel)


Yes, there are many tube amplifiers you can buy.    But 45 years of experience (25 with vintage audio gear) tells us the best sounding amplifiers ever made are push-pull ultralinear.  Our 6V6 Ultralinear is based on several 'classic' circuits but refined by our audio engineer of many years experience.   It uses an enormously powerful toroidal power supply protected in a real potted case (not a dummy one as many companies use).  Output transformers are massive and feature the extra set of windings that ultralinear circuits require--and are handwound in our own factory.  Parts are chosen for the best possible sound quality--not because we want to impress you with 'boutique' names.  Each amplifier is beautifully hand assembled and tested.  To maintain the superb sound, there are no adjustments to be made--ever.   Self biasing, no AC or DC balance to adjust.   And made with the fewest parts possible and best sounding tubes. 


6V6 'Ultralinear' circuit with four 6V6, two 6SN7, and one 12AX7 vacuum tubes.

'Ultralinear' operation combines the best features of Single Ended and Push-Pull amplifiers.

Conservatively rated at 12 watts per channel (average listening level for our Audio Nirvana full-range speakers is 1/10 of a watt).

Each amplifier is individually handwired with point to point wiring.

No integrated circuit chips.

Real potted transformers wound in our own factory.

Oversized toroidal power transformer runs cool and efficiently with plenty of reserve.

Cooling holes around each tube to maintain cool running temperatures.

Excellent build quality will ensure years of reliable service.

Polished stainless steel or matt black chassis.

Brushed aluminum face and back plates.

'AN' logo is also the knob pointer.

4 or 8 ohm speaker terminals.

Voltage selector for 115 or 230 volts.

$995 in black or $1095 in polished stainless steel.

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Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear Amplifier in Matt Black
($995 plus $35 shipping)
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Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear Amplifier in Polished Stainless Steel
($1095 plus $35 shipping)
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Big Joe II--$199

We spent a lot of time looking for a high quality, low cost amplifier for our customers.  We listened to many inexpensive Class A-B, T amps, and Class D amps.  Highly recommended by one of our distributors in Japan, the Big Joe II is the best sounding of them all.  About the size of an I-Phone, it's rated at 20 watts RMS, but makes super low distortion up to about 14 watts.   Considering that average listening level of Audio Nirvana speakers is only 1/10 of a watt, this is many times what's required.

Unlike other dealers, we sell our Big Joe II with two sets of speaker wires:  one 2 meter pair ending in male banana plugs and an adaptor pair that allows you to use any speaker wires you choose.  The Big Joe II has a passive line stage, internally, so no preamp is required.   Just plug in your source, hook up the included wires, and you're ready to go.

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Big Joe II Amplifier
($199 plus $15 shipping)
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What Our Customers Are Saying

"My Dad's comments, on the phone, was on how good the sound was with the new 6V6 Ultralinear amp. He says it is nothing short of breathtaking and he just cannot believe how good it is. He said he is listening to his jazz CDs and it totally blew him away. He reckons the sheer separation and oomph, it has, is startling and it?s all a little bit unreal in how good it all sounds. He loves this little amp with the big lovely sound."--Grant Thornbury (from New Zealand)

"The 6V6 Ultralinear amplifier is superb, far better than I imagined! To say that the amplifier is amazing is an understatement! I cannot believe the detail that I am hearing in such a crisp manner. I am so appreciative of the quality that you produce for such an affordable price!"--Dan Robinson

"The 6V6 Ultralinear sound is really different from conventional amplifiers. There are a lot of details and it is not necessary to use treble and bass. I can hear the whole frequency range with natural balance of all parts! Pink Floyd sounds better than it was with top semiconductor systems before! Thank you for this perfect amplifier!"--Timur Sarykulov (from Kazakhstan)

"WOW! Extremely nice work. No 'kit look' here. I have seen a lot of range when it comes to quality, and this is up there with the stuff I can't afford! I would like to thank you for selling one fine piece of gear (Audio Nirvana 6V6 Ultralinear Amplifier). The craftsmanship is as good as anything I have ever owned, and I have owned a LOT of equipment in my time. Thanks again for your great product."--Greg Peyton